miALERT AP 501



The miALERT AP 501 from Live Sentinel. The miALERT AP 501 enable overhead broadcast paging that can be segregated to specific zones and can even be designed to page specific rooms. As an added feature, a new built in volume control enables a resident to increase or decrease the volume of the call.

The miALERT AP 501 is ideal for alerting staff of potential emergency’s and news. Utilizing miALERT AP 501 and its wired or wireless devices, allows us to bring you a nurse call total solution. A solution which provides unsurpassed reliability through telephony based technology. These devices are seamlessly integrated and enable total connectivity; resident to staff, staff to resident, staff to staff, and residents outgoing and incoming local and long distance calls.

The igeacom 501 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a Private Branch eXchange Server and any private wireless telephone network or pocket paging system.

miALERT AP 501

  • Instant two-way speech between resident and nurse/aid.
  • Each device can be programmed individually to meet the special care needs of a particular resident.
  • Programmable buttons for system announcements, menu or activities for the week.
  • Devices can prioritize emergency calls based on call point.
  • Clean, quiet and non-intrusive feel with brightly colored call buttons.

Some of the additional features of the miALERT AP 501 are:

  • Wireless pull cord(s) – up to 4.
  • Wireless pendant(s) for remote emergency calling – up to 4.