Wander Managment

Alert, Locate, Track, Inform, Manage, Document

When your staff has the right information at their fingerprints, your patients get the best possible care.

This technology is a real-time locating system which allows a combination of detection and pull cord hardware installed through your facility to respond to wearable patient and staff pendants.

Voice Enabled Nurse Call with Positioning

PBX technology provides voice connectivity between residents and staff in times of emergencies.

The miALERT AP 300/500/301/501 are proven telephony based nurse call devices that allows care provides the ability to integrate all the features and functionality of  nurse call, security, wireless local and long distance services into one solution. The result is total connectivity inside and out.

Basic Wireless Nurse Call System

Live Sentinel Basic Wireless Nurse Call System

Wireless Nurse Call Systems make it possible for residents to inform the Staff that they need assistance. The Event Management Server (EMS) contain a database allowing an alert from an identified pull cord to inform the responder of the patient’s name, rough location, and other patient information including photo or medical condition.

Wireless Nurse Call Dome Light Solution

A smart dome light that will replace your exisitng nurse call.

LiveSentinel’s Wireless Nurse Cal Solution with Dome Lights is a perfect solution for Long Term Care Facilitites that are looking for a cost effective solution. The Dome lights contain the necessary circuitry to accept the incoming requests from the pull cords, call cords or pendants and send the alerts to the Event Management Server for processing.

Event Managment Server

When your staff has the right information at their fingertips, your patients get the best possible care.

The EMS software receives alerts from the Beacons and applies rules enabling the system to alert staff’s wireless phones, email accounts, IP phone, SMS device, and wall boards.