miALERT AP 601


miALERT AP 601 from Live Sentinel.  miALERT AP 601 enables overhead broadcast paging that can be segregated to specific zones and can even be designed to page specific rooms.  miALERT AP 601 is ideal for alerting nurses of potential emergencies.

Utilizing the miALERT AP 601 and its wired or wireless devices, allows us to bring you the world’s first line powered PBX based nurse call solution.


Some of the key features of the miALERT AP 601 are

  • Overhead-Broadcast paging.
  • Paging can be segregated to zones, multiple zones can be installed.
  • Endless flexibility in initial and redirection of a nurse-emergency call.
  • Built in escalation to any telephone(s) both inside and outside the facility.
  • Multiple call points.
  • Water resistant traditional hardwired pull cords, push button call cords, and dome lights.
  • Multiple color dome lights.
  • Programmable software allows you to toggle on/off to all features and functions of the miALERT AP 601
  • Instant two-way speech between patient and nurse/aid.
  • Each device can be programmed individually to meet the special care needs of a particular patient.
  • Staff Assistance and Code Blue Call Functions with escalation.
  • Nurse IN and OUT functions.
  • Devices can prioritize emergency calls based on call point.
  • Clean and brightly colored call buttons.